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There are plenty of well-designed websites out there that are missing mark. These websites are missing three essential elements that could generate more leads, more business and boost revenue. Here are three elements every business should provide:

1. Relevant Content

Websites that generate the most leads and the most profits all have one thing in common – they all have relevant content. When most people think of relevant content, they think of web content that’s related to their business – this is only one aspect of content. Relevant content is compelling content that persuades a person to take action (make a call, buy, connect, join, and etc.). Content should also solve a dilemma or fulfill a need. Obviously, it should be SEO friendly without being obvious to the reader.

2. Include Social Media

After a company’s website, the next important thing that draws a person in is social media. In some cases, social media is a customer’s first encounter with a business. Make sure you integrate social media into your website. And, make sure you’re consistent with communicating with your followers. Social media integration is a great marketing tool because your customers will volunteer to evangelize your business by sharing your best web pages on their social sites.

3. Build a Strong Opt-In List

This is one aspect of market that many companies neglect. Make sure you provide your visitors and current customers with an opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter or monthly sales promotions. Adding email marketing to your marketing strategy is an inexpensive way to generate leads and revenue.

Bonus: Every thriving business can benefit from having a mobile app. Having an app provides a variety of benefits including: increase your online visibility, generates repeat business, builds loyalty, enhances your brand, improves your social networking strategies and much more. Thinking about having a mobile app designed? Call to learn more details on how our mobile app developers London can help enhance your brand with a mobile app.

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, every company should have the elements described above.

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