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The next Penguin algorithm will be Real Time, according to Gary Illyes. This update will be like no other because the moment that Google discovers a link that has been disavowed or removed, the Penguin algorithm will “process it in real time.” There is good news and bad news – because it will be in real time, a website will be able to recover faster. The same thing applies to a penalty – a person could end up with a penalty much faster.

Here are a few tips to help protect yourself against Google’s Real Time algorithm:

Avoid Duplicate Content

Google’s algorithm never indexes two or more duplicate Web pages.

Avoid Ranking

Don’t use excessive keywords or keyword phrases that are irrelevant to a web page.

Never Link To Fake Social Media Accounts

It is said that Google is likely to penalize any website that’s linked to fake social media accounts or sites with a lot of fake followers.

Avoid Unauthorized Software Programs

Avoid automated programs or unauthorized computerized programs for checking search rankings and website submissions.

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

One common technique you should avoid is the use of hidden text. This type of ranking manipulation consists of hiding keywords on a web page by making them extremely small and the identical color as the web page in hopes of getting it indexed. Hidden links and shady redirects are included as well.

Get Mobile-Friendly

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly.Google is more likely to rank a mobile-friendly website higher than a website that isn’t.

Never Use Link Farms

Avoid an SEO company or web development company that utilizes link farms to boost page ranking. What is a link farm? It is the process of exchanging links between themselves or linking to irrelevant websites.

These are just a handful of things to look out for when you want to avoid a Google penalty. It’s important to stay abreast to the latest Google content guidelines and SEO requirements. The purpose of protecting your site isn’t solely so that you can avoid a penalty. Websites that follow the guidelines rank higher in the search engines than poor quality sites.

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