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Our onsite services include PC call outonsite computer repair, and onsite PC support.
Our onsite services are fairly priced. We charge a fixed rate for known issues, and an excellent hourly rate for more complex support. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t use, and we never charge you for hidden extras.

We’re flexible, too. You can book our on site computer services as you need them, or arrange a monthly contract for onsite PC support. Whatever suits you best. And if you need to change from one to the other at any time, that’s not a problem. We don’t tie you to contracts you can’t get out of. And we don’t make it hard to get into a contract, either.

Our PC callout engineers work when you do. And that means we don’t let your PC issues get in the way of your work. Or your home life. Wherever you are, and whatever the problem is, our onsite computer services are available 7 days a week. Even if it’s in the evening, or first thing on a Saturday morning.

Our onsite computer support is carried out by expert engineers who know how frustrating IT issues can be. They won’t make things worse by talking in geek-speak, and they won’t leave coffee cups all over the desk. They’ll just come in, diagnose the problem, and get the job done. Fast.

We carry out in home computer repair

and onsite computer repairs. In other words, we fix computers at your home and in your office. Or wherever you want. If you run a startup business from a converted marine container in Bermondsey, or a design company from a shed in Shoreditch, we’ll be there to keep your IT infrastructure sound. If you’re a busy mum in Marylebone, a nanny in Norbury, or a stressed-out dad in Dulwich, we’ll come to your house and make sure your computer behaves itself—even if your kids don’t.

Our onsite services include data retrieval. So the worst-case scenario doesn’t have to be the worst-case scenario. Our skilled engineers can pull lost data out of almost any hard drive, in almost any condition. And when they’re done, they’ll dispose of the old hard drive securely. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our onsite repair service is secure. We work to strict data protection protocols, and our engineers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, or any security documentation you would like them to. We keep your data as safe as top-secret government information, even if it’s just a shopping list.

Our onsite computer support service is as flexible as you need it to be. We can come to your home or place of business and install the new version of Windows for you. We can get your iMac to talk to your AirPort and your AirPort to talk to your network router. Or we can deliver a full IT backup service including hardware advice and remote access. You choose what you need. And we do what you want. Because onsite services should be simple, not complex.


Bring your computer to us

We understand that your onsite computer support needs are different if you’re a home computer user or a business user. And we understand that onsite computer repair requirements change as hardware ages or your business grows. So we provide a simple, hassle-free service to all our clients. As much or as little as you want, when you want it, at a price you can’t beat anywhere else. Leaving you to get on with the important stuff, like running your business. Or stopping the kids from smearing jam all over the TV.

When you need on site computer services in London, we’re who you call. Our engineers are friendly, polite, and approachable. They’re also experts in everything computer-related. They know Windows machines and Macs inside out and back to front. They can build and maintain simple or complex networks. They’ve diagnosed and fixed just about every known PC and Mac issue under the sun, and quite a few new ones too.

So whether you need a simple PC repair at home, or a complete onsite PC support package, we can keep your IT headache-free. And your home or business life simple. It’s what we do.

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Onsite PC repair. That costs less than the branded option.
Here’s the thing about branded onsite PC repair options: you pay for the brand. National computer call out companies and manufacturer-approved care services have overheads we don’t. Like large centralised repair warehouses, and fleets of trucks running faulty and fixed computers from and to their owners.

Our onsite PC repair service is run completely in-house. We keep our own stock of spare parts. We employ expert Mac and PC engineers. And we attend every computer call out ourselves. In sensible vehicles. Without logos all over them.

All of this means two very important things: one, you only pay for the onsite repairs service we offer, and not the extras that come with branding and national reach. And two, you get the work done quicker, at a time to suit you. No wonder we call ourselves the ‘local on site repair company for London’. Because you get local service, local prices, and local speed. It makes perfect sense to us, and we think it’ll make perfect sense to you too.



Installation Of Windows,Ios,Android,Linux



Install any custom or big project to your computer



We charge half an hour 79 pounds.

Our aim is to be better than our competitors and provide affordable repair services to the people without decreasing the quality of our services. We try to complete the on-site jobs within an hour’s time.
Our MAC & Laptop/Computer Engineer will brief you about the issue of your system and will provide the estimated time in which it will be repaired. There are no additional fees charged for evening hour or weekends.